VaVi  Sports equipment sublimated

About Us

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VaVi is a company that belongs to a major Portuguese/Spanish holding with various companies in the textile and graphic arts.

We have a production plant, two logistics warehouses and a well-established structure with its own design studio .

At its inception, it engaged in the manufacture and marketing of sports scarves and for some years now it has been introducing new product lines, always focused on the world of sports, with the intention of being not only a leader in the field of sports scarfs, but a brand specializing in the manufacture of custom equipment and sports merchandising.

Vavi is marketed under its own brand, through a network of representatives and distributors, rigorously selected. Your product is distributed and is present in most sports schools and clubs nationally and internationally renowned.

Each garment has been made ??for the comfort and welfare of the athlete, committed to creating garments with own original design and a wide range of colors to give the difference to the sector general brands.

We believe in honesty, quality and service, so we are always looking for the latest raw materials that give the quality that make us leaders and  getting the satisfaction of all our customers.
VAVI  Sports equipment sublimated