VaVi  Sports equipment sublimated

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1. The first step, in order to manufacture a custom kit, is the design. If you already have an idea of how you want it, you will explain to the sales department and our design studio will handle it. Then it will pass your idea  to the managers. At this point you can make the changes you want to finish it into your liking from the collar to the addition of numbers or names.

2. Once the graphic design is final, it is expressed by a program in the production template where the machine will print the patterns.

3. The machine prints into each sheet the pattern for a kit.

4. The stamping machine will pass the colors  into the fabric .

6. Upon leaving the stamping is allowed to cool abit  and then the fabric  is separated from the blade and  we check if the result is correct. If so, we cut it  using a cutting machine.

7. All parts then reach the manufacture department. The process is manual and pieces are stitched  one by one.

8. The kit is already finished, it will be labeled and  each piece individually bagged.
Create your gear
Vavi gives you the possibility  to create a kit to your liking, with your own designs, unique combinations and professional finishing.

Customize your gear

Apply your team spirit to your own designs, which will be unique to your club and put the colors in the order you choose, for all kinds of sports:

How VaVi manufactures a custom kit
VAVI  Sports equipment sublimated