VaVi  Sports equipment sublimated

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Advantages of sublimation

Exclusivity: There will not  be another shirt the same as yours, unique design.

Comfort: Will only carry seams on the sides.

Maximum Breathability: Avoid wearing uncomfortable advertising with vinyl or screen printing that do not allow the sweat to

Advertising and shield: You can wear the colors you want and the price will not increase.

Sizes: It can be made from size 18 months to 5XL

Loyalty: Can only be purchased at your club or organization.

Fabrics: You can apply openwork fabrics, plain, etc ...

The advantage of sublimation over other printing processes where the printing process is accomplished by action of a thermoplastic adhesive, the touch is mainly because all the elements to be transferred are included along with the rest of the design .

Quality: The durability of this printing method is for life, the shirt will be ruined before the printing gets damaged.
Customized socks with your shield, phrase, name. We manufacture for you with your own design.

Socks - Football, Rugby, Hockey, , reinforced ankle and heel, reinforced toe, stretched fist and insteps.
Sizes from Mini to Adult: 23 to 46,
1. The first step, in order to manufacture a custom kit, is the design. If you already have an idea of how you want it, you will explain to the sales department and our design studio will handle it. Then it will pass your idea  to the managers. At this point you can make the changes you want to finish it into your liking from the collar to the addition of numbers or names.

2. Once the graphic design is final, it is expressed by a program in the production template where the machine will print the patterns.

3. The machine prints into each sheet the pattern for a kit.

4. The stamping machine will pass the colors  into the fabric

How VaVi manufactures a custom kit